Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Shout At The Devil (Comic Strip)

okay, once again, sorry for the late post. there wasn't enough time for me to do the scripting for this again as i had to be recalled back to camp 2 days ago to cover duty for someone, folowwed by my own duty. and like always, this is sorta like done at the last minute, at least this one was organized and a script was properly laid out. i didn't want to do it today as i fought and cried over a personal problem of mine after having being awakened rudely by a good friend of mine. i need to try to tone down my emotions and stop complaining in whatever i do. i also hope to stop all my self pity and wake up. i just want everyone to see that im willing to change but i need time and lots of help.

anyway, do enjoy this strip! =) thanks and have a nice day!

ps: i will be looking into working on some web banners and links to spread TS comic to the masses, mainly, but for now, if you like or love this comic, please spread the love and pass site link around. =)

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