Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Good Fox Gone Bad (comic strip)

sorry for the late post. was kinda busy after i recovered from the high fever which has clouded my mind. had stuff to do in camp so, i was pretty occupied and that prevented me to do any form of scripting for the future strips. this one was quite last minute-ly done, so i don't think ill be drawing for a while. i admit that i have very limited creativity for comics and my brain juices do dry up pretty quickly. but hey, i don't think ill let that get in the way right ;)

starting from next week onwards i will try to have a proper production schedule. i will be trying to stick to the M-W-F work load, which will leave me with a day to script for the next strip. hopefully that will be enough time for me to come up with a good plot and a good story/comic as well. hopefully....

anyway, have a nice day and enjoy ;)

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