Thursday, September 11, 2008


hey there =)

im sure you all are wondering what this Table Scrap comic is about and you're like thinking "hey where's the comic man?" and all that stuff. im not surprised when you think im some ordinary dude trying out for the first time at webcomics. well, in fact, this would be my FIRST official attempt at it after several failed half-attempts of pre-conceiving ideas, plots, characters for a successful and consistent one. well, im not sure wether this one will go far, and i make no guarantee that this webcomic will go on after some time, cuz its really just my art isnt really that good as well as my humour (kinda ironic since i decided to do a humorous one). but if it does show some certain appeal then i will by all means set some time apart doing it.

the genre of this webcomic will be anthro. ive always liked to draw animals since i was young and have been developing the style when i was studying DMD (Digital Media Design) in ITE 2 years back. Of course that all faded away as i am an avid guitar player and am now a lead guitarist for my band, which is a much more stronger interest of mine than drawing. But somehow a few weeks ago i began picking up the pencil and began sketching what i used to love.
and that became to be Table Scrap the webcomic.

to give you a brief introduction of TS, its about these 3 foxes, Morris, Cliff and Kit. Morris and Cliff are brothers whose parents both got killed by hunters since they were just kits. And to survive, the two brothers had to learn how to hunt and kill prey for their meals since then. several years later the forest in which they lived had a woodloge resort built within it, and Morris found his first girlfriend Kit after several years. but life got better as the 3 foxes realized that there was this wooden table beside the bushes from where they lived. and on it humans would put food on it while on picnic or eating meals. known as the holy grail to end all grails to the 3 foxes, their whole lives now revolve around the table and the food on it which seemed to replenished generously by the humans (or so they thought)...

haha okaaay that was quite a CHEESY intro, but ill finish it off by shifting all this into a seperate "about" page, where it will display the plot and also the character's profiles.

and i now officially open this webcomic. ladies and gentlemen, i present to you Table Scrap!

i will post the comic in the next post after typing this...

thanks for reading and enjoy!

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